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A Journey

United Kingdom, Belgium, France

When the first wave of Coronavirus hit Europe, freedom of travel changed dramatically. During summer 2020, while the EU was slowly reopening its borders, a feeling of uncertainty was still present in people’s life as a second Covid wave was imminent, and family members were still far apart from one another.

Pushed by the desire to visit my relatives and the willingness to document a journey in this time of our life,

I decided to cycle 1000km away from London and to make my way to my family in Italy from wherever I was going to end up. I documented the reality between places, the roads I cycled, the unusual emptiness of European landscapes, the cities, and the closed-up businesses. I rode from outside the M25 in London, through Nord Pas de Calais into Belgium and Brussels, made my way down the Ardennes forest alongside the river Meuse and ended up in Lyon after one thousand kilometers.

Along the way, some storms, bumpy roads, and muscle soreness. Then, sunny days and quiet outdoor nights. Taking unexpected roads, and reflecting on the solitude in the face of unforeseen.

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