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The Legend of Violetta

Ivrea (Italy)

The Legend of Violetta is a documentation of the oldest carnival celebration in Italy, the Historical Carnival of Ivrea. A unique event in which history and legend intertwine to give life to a great popular civic festival with a strong symbolic value, during which the community of Ivrea celebrates its capacity for self-determination recalling an episode of liberation from the tyranny of medieval memory. 

The Battle of the Oranges, the representation of the town’s rebellion against the tyrant, is the most spectacular part of the Historic Carnival of Ivrea, and a mix of enthusiasm, earnest dedication, belonging and tradition.

The Historical Carnival of Ivrea does not only keeps alive the memory of the struggles that citizens have carried on over the centuries, but represents unity, cultural heritage, and belonging. Carnival it’s a tradition, it’s the history of a community and everything that holds this city together. 


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