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The Citizenship Journey

London (UK)

Since becoming a British Citizen in summer 2021 I've realised how much living in the UK changed me and shaped my character. I've learnt how challenging it is to live away from your family, how rewarding it is to live in a multicultural society, and how contradictory and yet exhilarating British culture is.

Determined to know more about the experiences of other people, in order to fully understand my own, I’ve met, interviewed, and photographed nine Europeans that became British citizens after Brexit, in a location meaningful for them.


They shared with me their stories, experiences, and opinions. Stories of hope, appreciation, disappointment, and hard work. The result is a series of images that aim to challenge racism and anti-immigration sentiments, and instead highlight the importance of multicultural coexistence. 


The most rewarding part of the citizenship process is not only gaining British nationality. It’s all about the courage to leave your country of origins, the initial struggle, the hard work and resilience. It’s about the cultural exchange and appreciation of a new way of living. It’s all about the journey.

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