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London (UK), Turin (Italy), San Francisco (USA)

Bicycle messengers have been riding in cities around the world for many years. The modern society we live in has increased the demand for this service and consequentially new start-ups and companies invested in this market, creating a job that suits people from different walks of life. It’s not a job for everyone, it’s tiring, it can be dangerous at times and riders sometimes don’t have the same rights as other workers. Despite this, its flexibility makes it a perfect job for many individuals. 

The bike messenger subculture is a fascinating way of life and as a documentary photographer, I wanted to portrait them, with the aim to know their stories and highlight the sometimes forgotten importance of their work. 

During the last four years, I’ve been interviewing and photographing bicycle messengers in the UK, Italy, and the USA, with the aim to have a strong series of riders’ portraits from as many cities as possible worldwide.


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